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Use as lidding film on high barrier tray for Modified Atmosphere Packaging of fresh food. PET/EVOH-PE, 3 ~ 4 mil PET printed with high temperature resistance ink. barrier,. Retortable, Microwaveable HB-PET with good printing property.

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The structure of plecopakTM 5100 High Barrier Films is PP/Tie/EVOH/Tie/PP with for high yields; and excellent chemical, stress crack and high temperature resistance. Retort food applications: including cooked rice, ready-to-eat food, cooked meals, Thermoforming packaging as tray, cup, dish, bowl, blister tray for


CPET products, but also other materials such as APET, PP and PP/EVOH/PP. Our facility At low temperatures the trays have high impact properties. CPET has many . barrier, stress crack resistance and good impact strength. withstand the pressure developed and the environmental harsh conditions in the retort.

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High Barrier Food container, PP/EVOH/PP,PP/EVOH/PE,PS/EVOH/PS Food container, Tray, Retort Rice Tray, Retort Baby Food Container, EVOH Meat Tray?

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and for retort applications as outlined under the Food and Drug Administration regulations in the USA. EVAL? shows excellent physical resistance to solvents, and barrier against their has a very low ethylene content and is suitable as an ultra-high barrier in flexible, .. Thermoforming to replace metal cans and trays.

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Demands for sustainability and higher shelf life in packaging are pushing the film barrier films and to long-life films that extend product life and reduce waste. a high barrier non-foil system for army rations that is retortable and recyclable. The cast film is being used for trays, lidding, bags, medical and food packaging.

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EVAL? EVOH is recyclable, and is commonly used as part of a regrind structural KURARISTER? is a retortable high barrier and transparent film made exclusively by flex-crack and pinhole resistance, and is compatible with metal detectors. . Film, pouch, tray, bottle, coatings, lamination, coinjection, in-mould labels,?

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Sep 10, 2013 Plastic packaging includes trays and lids, films, pouches, bottles, and so on. . The high-barrier properties of PVDC polymer can be attributed to its dense and Thus, the barrier performance of EVOH as food packaging depends on the Surlyn A has excellent oil and grease resistance, high-abrasion?

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High barrier laminations with high flow sealants and flex-crack resistance; Film with High-barrier EVOH structures provide excellent sealability, seal integrity, and Preformed cups/trays and thermoforming rollstock for shelf stable and for retort, hot-fill and aseptic processes; Customizable barrier properties to meet your?

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A complete range of high barrier lidding films designed for varied applications to be used in vacuum and HYPAC offers retort lidding films for sealing PP barrier (PP/EVOH/PP) retort food trays/cups. Excellent grease and oil resistance.

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Medical trays A high clarity extrusion grade having high temperature resistance for pharmaceutical, medical . highbarrier polymers like EVOH and PVdC.

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Dec 21, 2015 Kuraray Co., Ltd. has long been a leader in high gas barrier technology since, EVAL? - the registered trademark for its EVOH resins - has grown gas barrier and excellent retort resistance. Retortable food trays, sauces.

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